Green Tea

A healthy beverage with a long tradition

Green tea is a healthy beverage that has enjoyed a long tradition starting in China, but the enjoyment has now spread across the entire world. Gathered here you will find information on many aspects of this non-alcoholic potent potable, from its history to a survey of some common green tea varieties, followed by a detailed description of tea brewing methods. Then from a more scientific standpoint, the chemical constituents of tea are described, after which comes a series of summaries of how medical science is validating the health benefits in five general areas including lifestyle diseases, hygiene, and cancer. Finally, not just a beverage anymore, a synopsis of the many products that contain green tea shows that green tea, its extracts, and active principles are finding their way into all manner of consumer (and consumable!) items.

Make yourself a cup of this invigorating brew; then, sip it slowly to tantalize your palate and fully enjoy the aroma while you relax and enjoy exploring this site.

Various qualities of Lung Ching tea