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Pai mu tan

Pai mu tan or bai mudan (白牡丹; bái mǔdān) - A White Tea from China

Pai mu tan or bai mudan (白牡丹; bái mǔdān) is actually a type of white tea that comes from China, but is frequently considered together with green teas. The name means "white peony". It is made from plucks each having one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves. The plucks are sun-withered for between 1 to 3 days, and then piled for between 1/2 and 3 hours. After that, the leaves are then baked to dry for packing. All of these operations involve gentle handling to avoid breaking the leaves, which would lead to fermentation. This tea develops a very mild floral aroma during brewing, and the flavor of the tea beverage has been described as a fresh, mellow, sweet taste with grassy, flowery notes, with no astringency.

Pai Mu Tan Tea