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Sencha (煎茶) - A Japanese Green Tea

Sencha (煎茶) is a Japanese green tea. This variety makes up the largest proportion of tea produced in Japan. Sencha is harvested and processed much the same as Matcha, but without grinding the tea leaves into a powder. Unlike roasting in a pan or wok as is done in China, the leaves are first steamed for between 15-20 seconds to prevent fermentation (i.e., to inactivate the enzymes). The leaves are then rolled, shaped, and dried to the conventional thin, cylindrical shape. Finally, they are sorted into various quality groups.

The name means "simmered tea," referring to the brewing method used. The flavor of sencha differs depending on how the beverage is prepared; with water that is less hot, the flavor is quite mellow, while a more astringent drink is produced with hotter water. Sencha is described as having a rich, brothy texture, with a sweet vegetal flavor reminiscent of steamed vegetables and fresh seaweed, with notes of light pine and sea air aromas.

Sencha Tea